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Gratitude in Every Situation

by: Cindy Ford



I am always amazed at the ways God connects what I'm reading with where life happens to be. I mentioned several days ago a book called "All God's Creatures" given to me by Joyce Buchannon. During today's morning meeting with Jesus, I read a story written by Devon O'Day. She talks about buying a farm because of the barn. She describes it as "perfect," and "old," and "solid - cool in the summer and warm in the winter." She also said it had weathered many a storm over the ...

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Unforced Rhythms of Grace by Pastor David

by: Cynthia Ford



Yesterday was one of those days…

It started when I took Emma (Spaniel/Black Lab/Newfie “mutt”) outside shortly after 6AM. I noticed how absolutely still it was – no wind, no movement of anything. Dawn was on the brink of peaking over the eastern horizon: the color in the sky proclaimed it, the clouds reflected it, and one lone robin perched in the tree in our front yard was calling it forth. See, the morning WAS still, but it was far from quiet. My feather...

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An Unsettling Week, by Pastor David

by: Cynthia Ford



So it has been an unsettling week...

Who can still go to work, what businesses can and cannot remain open, the stock market riding the roller coaster, how do we #loveyourneighbor given our current reality, an eerily quiet HQ at the Downtown campus of Butler First UMC...

And then there was this morning's drive to the office...

I had turned onto North Street and ...

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