Red Letter Days of Lent


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red letter days of lent


As a church family, we would love to see everyone reading and talking about the same pieces of scripture that teach us about the life of Jesus, The Red Letter Days of Lent is a reading/journaling plan to study the book of John. The book of John was chosen as it encompasses a more complete timeline of Jesus' life.

So, we invite you to go along on this journey too. Beginning Monday, February 22, we will begin reading at John 1. This bookmark has been put together to help you track your reading.

To save this bookmark, right click on the above image, choose save image as, and then save on your digital device.

LET'S journal about it!

Journaling about scriptures does many things.

  • It leads us into meditating on the scripture.
  • It helps us remember scripture.
  • It helps us be disciplined with our quiet times
  • It helps us notice things in scripture that we may have missed

We have put together this easy journaling page for you. This is a two page document. One page contains the journaling directions, and the other is the journal page. 



Everyday on the church blog, we will talk about the reading for that day. Let's talk about it! What stood out to you in the reading that day? How can it be applied to our lives? Your life? What was so meaningful in it? 

Let's Read the Blog!

We hope you enjoy this time

We are grateful to be on this journey with you and look forward to sharing the story of Jesus with everyone.