December 26 and 27


Saturday 6 p.m., Downtown 7 p.m., God's Country* Sunday 8:20 a.m., Downtown 9:45 a.m., Crossfire* 11:15 a.m., Downtown* * ALSO ONLINE

Dec. 26, 2020


We continue to celebrate the season of Christmas and the incredible love God showed to us coming in human form and living among us. The anticipation of the Messiah that we see from Genesis to the Prophets is complete in the Birth, Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yet, Christmas is not merely a focus upon the birth of the Messiah; It draws us into anticipation that he will return once again. We do not know the time or day, but we live as followers of Christ ready for His return.

Read the following passages and contemplate upon the both the birth of Christ and His second coming!

MONDAY (12:28): Genesis 3:8-15;17-19

TUESDAY (12/29): Isaiah 11:1-9

WEDNESDAY (12:30): Matthew 2:1-11

THURSDAY (12/31): 2 Peter 3 

To prepare for the first weekend of worship in a brand new year (Hallelujah!), read the following scripture passages. As you ponder these texts, pay attention to WHO are the recipients of God’s Good News.

FRIDAY (01/01): Ephesians 3:1-12

SATURDAY (01/02): Isaiah 60:1-6

SUNDAY (01/03): Matthew 2:1-12