Do You See It?


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Jan. 02, 2021



Epiphany - the story of the magi’s journey to and visit with the baby Jesus - has at its center a star. The star lights the way for the magi’s trip, it points them to God’s gift of Jesus as light for the world, and it gives these astrologers from the east quite a story to tell when they arrive back home. As you read these passages, pay attention to the power of light FOR YOU and THROUGH YOU.

Monday (01/04): John 1:1-9

Tuesday (01/05): Isaiah 55:1-7

Wednesday (01/06): John 10:1-10

Thursday (01/07: Matthew 5:14-16

To prepare for our next times of worship, read the following scripture texts. We’ll begin a new series of messages called Because of Jesus, so note what they say about the difference Jesus makes in our lives.

Friday (01/08): Galatians 5:16-26

Saturday (01/09): Titus 3:3-7

Sunday (01/10): Romans 7:19-25, 8:10-11,14-17