Front and Center


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Nov. 13, 2021

Jesus responds to the Pharisee’s question about whether or not it’s lawful to heal on the Sabbath. His response reveals something about the importance of broken things in the presence of God. A man with  a “broken hand” is SO much more valuable than a sheep that needs rescuing. God sees that  brokenness and the opportunity to make it whole again not in terms of what’s right and wrong  according to the law, but in terms of the value of the man as a son of God who needs released from  the effects of sin manifesting itself as a shriveled hand. Luke (chapter 15) would say, the lost one has as much value as the 99 that are found, and at the time of being lost, maybe even more value. That reality says to us that our brokenness – our “lostness” – does not reduce our value in God’s eyes in any way.  Note that the man is declared valuable before God BEFORE he was healed. The broken places in our  lives do not detract from our value as children of God. Our brokenness does not relegate us to the periphery of God’s presence; it keeps us front and center.


Our readings for the week ahead are:

MONDAY, November 15    John 12

TUESDAY, November 16    John 13; Psalm146

WEDNESDAY, November 17    John 14; Psalm 147

THURSDAY, November 18    John 15; Psalm 148

FRIDAY, November 19    John 16; Psalm 149

SATURDAY, November 20    John 17; Psalm 150

SUNDAY, November 21    John 18