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Jan. 14, 2023

The 72 disciples are sent out in Jesus’s name on mission and return having had great success. They are thrilled by it, as is Jesus (vs. 18). But He takes the opportunity to remind them that their identity must not be in what they DO - even for him, in his name, by his authority in strength. Their identity must ALWAYS be found in simply being children of God, by God’s mercy and grace.

We allow our identity to be determined by so many different things - and even those of us who say we follow Jesus allow our identity to get lost in stuff we’re doing. We are children of God because of God’s mercy and grace in Jesus Christ. That calls forth lives of worship. That fundamentally is who we are, every one of us. When we stay in touch with that, everything else about life takes it definition from there.

Our Banding Together journal readings for the week ahead are:

MONDAY, January 16:  Luke 16; Ps. 6

TUESDAY, January 17 :  Luke 17;  Ps. 7

WEDNESDAY, January 18:  Luke 18

THURSDAY, January 19:  Luke 19

FRIDAY, January 20:  Luke 20

SATURDAY, January 21:  Luke 21; Ps. 8 

SUNDAY, January 22:  Luke 22