Jesus, Barabbas and Pilate


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Mar. 26, 2022

So, while Jesus may have been condemned to death by Jewish law, under Roman rule the death sentence could only be carried out by Romans. So, Jesus is bound over to Pilate who finds no real reason to kill him. But the religious leaders stir up the crowds and prod them to ask Pilate to release a specific man – an insurrectionist named Barabbas and condemn Jesus to death. The religious leaders selfishly incite the crowd to choose a man of violence who will jeopardize their entire nation’s survival rather than Jesus- the man whose ethic of love for neighbor and prayer for persecutor will change the DNA of the culture over time. I wonder, how often do we choose the expedient path – the path of power and force? How often do we opt for the quick fix of fast results rather than the longer-term work of transforming a culture, or a child, or a marriage, or a relationship, or a city, or a church? To use Braden’s image, how often would we rather plant a field of oats that can be harvested in months, rather than a forest of oaks that won’t mature for years?


Mark 15:1-15a


Our readings for the week ahead are:

MONDAY, March 28    2 Cor 11; Psalm 54

TUESDAY, March 29    2 Cor 12; Psalm 55

WEDNESDAY, March 30    2 Cor 13

THURSDAY, March 31    Review

FRIDAY, April 1        Mark 1; Psalm 56

SATURDAY, April 2    Mark 2; Psalm 57

SUNDAY, April 3        Mark 3; Psalm 58