Part 2


Saturday 6 pm, Downtown 7 pm, God's Country* Sunday 9:15 am, Downtown* 10:30 am, Crossfire** ALSO ONLINE

Apr. 29, 2022

Repentance is a concrete thing. It’s a choice that says the way of Jesus – the way of God’s Kingdom - is ultimately and eternally far more important than anything about the temporal world that we live in. In fact, the temporal world can only be experienced as it was intended to be when it’s lived in the way of Jesus. Repentance is the choice to allow Jesus to shape us in his way – inwardly and outwardly. We “lose our lives” for Jesus’ sake and the sake of the gospel, Mark says. It’s placing ourselves consistently in the places where Jesus has promised to be so that the sails of our lives can catch the wind of his Spirit, allowing him to set the course of our lives by his heart and priorities. In our journey of discipleship, repentance is the continual choice to surrender our lives to Jesus, inviting him to shape himself in us more and more with everything that occurs in life.