Part 5


Saturday 6 pm, Downtown 7 pm, God's Country* Sunday 9:15 am, Downtown* 10:30 am, Crossfire** ALSO ONLINE

May 23, 2022

There is a clear purpose for Jesus forming himself in us: reproduction – allowing Jesus to use the relationship each of us has with him as a vessel to help someone else take the steps to become a disciple too. In the economy of the Kingdom of God, the best disciple-makers are disciples. The Great Commission is not given to an arena full of super star salesmen and saleswomen wannabes. It is given to a small group of people who have opened their heart to Jesus and chosen to follow him with their lives. Rather than “selling” Jesus as a product or a program, people who have allowed Jesus to form himself in them “bleed” Jesus in their interactions with the world around them like a contagion. There is a peace and a purpose and a Person present in the life of a disciple that draws others to that life. A disciple is tuned into the heart of Jesus as if the heart of Jesus were his or her own, and people see it just by the way that disciple lives their life. The church experiences transformation, the community experiences transformation, the world experiences transformation not because of programs or “Jesus products,” but because Jesus is living his life through disciples who are living a consistent life of repentance and surrender and “remaining.” 


Our readings for the week ahead are:

MONDAY, May 23:  Col 3; Ps. 96

TUESDAY, May 24 :  Col 4; Ps. 97

WEDNESDAY, May 25 :  1 Tim 1; Ps. 98

THURSDAY, May 26:  1 Tim 2; Ps. 99

FRIDAY, May 27 :  1 Tim 3; Ps. 100

SATURDAY, May 28:  1 Tim 4; Ps. 101

SUNDAY, May 29 :  1 Tim 5; Ps. 102