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Dec. 18, 2021


In this final chapter of Peter’s second letter, he speaks of the return of Jesus using 

language that mirrors what Jesus taught. Many then – as now – have tried to predict when that time will come, and have suggested that because it hasn’t happened yet, it’s probably not going to happen at all. Peter is absolutely confident the moment will come, and proclaims that the delay is because God is more interested in people coming to him in repentance than he is in pulling the trigger for the moment to occur. Peter says we can “speed” that moment by the ways we follow Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to point others to him through our obedient living. So many people in so many generations have said, “Surely the end is near!” And it may very well be – we must live with that confident expectation. But the fact that it has not yet occurred is all about the patience and love of the Time Giver and his desire that every person have the chance to know him and surrender to his will and way. What does that mean for those of us who are waiting? Hope for those we’ve been praying for that do not yet know Jesus, peace and joy knowing that patience and love is God’s heart – a patience that calls us to worship and deepens our love for the Time Giver.


Our readings for the week ahead are:

MONDAY, December 20    Revelations 18; Proverbs 27

TUESDAY, December 21    Revelations 19; Proverbs 28

WEDNESDAY, December 22    Revelations 20; Proverbs 29

THURSDAY, December 23    Revelations 21; Proverbs 30

FRIDAY, December 24    Revelations 22; Proverbs 31

SATURDAY, December 25    Year Review Week

SUNDAY, December 26    Year Review Week