Peace From Perspective


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Dec. 11, 2021

A psalm to remind us that our lives are part of a MUCH larger “LIFE” that is happening all around us – a LIFE that began when God said, “Let there be light.” A LIFE that is moving according to the Time Giver’s design. In that larger design, the lives that we fret about, the lives that cause us such stress, the lives that keep us up at night and addicted to ______ , and make us snap at people we love and make us so angry at _______ ... are not as critically important as we think they are. That doesn’t mean they are insignificant in any way – scripture assures us that the Time Giver has included our lives in his design ON PURPOSE, with clear intent and strategic planning. It simply means our lives are not meant to cause us the stress we allow them to. Our lives – every one of them – exist by the Time Giver’s will and for his purpose. Rather than stress about what they are or aren’t, our TIME is better spent getting and staying connected to the Time Giver and living our lives for his purpose. There is peace in that perspective.


Our readings for the week ahead are:

MONDAY, December 13    Revelations 11; Proverbs 20

TUESDAY, December 14    Revelations 12; Proverbs 21

WEDNESDAY, December 15    Revelations 13; Proverbs 22

THURSDAY, December 16    Revelations 14; Proverbs 23

FRIDAY, December 17    Revelations 15; Proverbs 24

SATURDAY, December 18    Revelations 16; Proverbs 25

SUNDAY, December 19    Revelations 17; Proverbs 26