Picking Up The Pieces


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Oct. 30, 2021

In this story of Jesus feeding 4000 plus people, our focus normally is the miracle 
Jesus performs –  taking a few loaves and fish and providing a meal for an 
enormous crowd. But when I look at the story  through the lens of “broken 
things,” I see some things I hadn’t noticed before. The lame, the blind, the 
crippled, the mute and many others – probably in similar conditions – being laid at 
the feet of Jesus,  and him healing them. Then I see post miracle, the disciples 
gathering up seven baskets of  “broken pieces” rather than simply leaving them 
discarded on the ground. It seems broken things - people or leftovers – are important 
to Jesus. Important enough to focus on them, rather than ignore  them. In that is 
powerful hope for us individually, and for us as First Church.