The Crucifixion


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Apr. 09, 2022

Jesus’ willingness to surrender his life, even though it was part of his Father’s plan, has an impact on the Father’s heart. It moves God to see his Son suffer this horrible death on a Roman cross, knowing that he is suffering in the place of the people that he has helped create. And I think it deepens the love God has for people when he sees the love his Son has for them. The text says that when Jesus dies the curtain in the Temple is torn in two and God and people are able to be closer than they have been since Eden – all because Jesus was willing to surrender his life and suffer for the very people who had rejected him. There’s a lot going on at the cross - but maybe the thing that matters most is this exchange of love between Jesus and his Father that resulted in you and me being able to draw closer to the Father’s heart because Jesus suffered there for us. When God looks at you and me now, he sees us through the love of his crucified and resurrected Son, which changes how he looks at us completely. What should our response to all of this be? A life gratefully surrendered to this Jesus and transformed by his heart and priorities.

Our readings for the week ahead:

MONDAY, April 11             Mark 12

TUESDAY, April 12            Mark 13; Psalm 64

WEDNESDAY, April 13    Mark 14; Psalm 65

THURSDAY, April 14        Mark 15

FRIDAY, April 15               Mark 16; Psalm 66

SATURDAY, April 16        1 Thess 1; Psalm 67

SUNDAY, April 17             1 Thess 2; Psalm 68:1-18