The Time Giver


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Nov. 27, 2021

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. God is in charge of time. This text is a list of things there is “time” for. The list suggests an order to how time unfolds, and it suggests one who works through that order and sets the boundaries for each item. The “There is...” points to this order, and the one who established it. Verse 11 is the bull’s eye: “everything suitable for its time.” (NRSV) This time giving God has set the order of things in the ways that he knows is the best for that which he has created, and verse 14 tells us this order is eternal. When Jesus returns is part of that order set by God the time giver. We can be like our forefathers and mothers and push back against that andtell God we want more control of time, or we can rest in the peace that comes from knowing “God’s Got This,” as my coffee mug proclaims.


Our readings for the week ahead are:

MONDAY, November 29    1 John 5; Proverbs 7

TUESDAY, November 30    Review

WEDNESDAY, December 1    2 John; 3 John; Proverbs 8

THURSDAY, December 2    Jude; Proverbs 9

FRIDAY, December 3    Revelations 1; Proverbs 10

SATURDAY, December 4    Revelations 2; Proverbs 11

SUNDAY, December 5    Revelations 3; Proverbs 12