The Transfiguration of Peter


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Feb. 13, 2021


It might seem heroic or courageous to die for the sake of Jesus, but living for Jesus isn’t all that glamorous.  Consider the transformation of Peter from someone willing to die for Jesus to someone ready to live for Jesus.  Guidance for Christians found in Paul and Peter’s letters make it clear that living for Jesus is difficult, but see how they exhort us to make some hard decisions for the Kingdom of God.

MONDAY (2/15): Philippians 1:12-30

TUESDAY (2/16): 1 Peter 4

WEDNESDAY (2/17): 2 Peter 3

THURSDAY (2/18):  Hebrews 10: 19-39

As we prepare for next weekend in worship and the start of a series on prayer, read the following scriptures that guide us on talking to God.

FRIDAY (2/19): Exodus 33: 7-23

SATURDAY (2/20):  Matthew 6: 5- 18

SUNDAY (2/21):  Luke 11: 1-13