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May 06, 2023

Paul is teaching the Romans about life in the Spirit. If we are led by the Spirit – if the Spirit abides in us – then we are God’s children. We belong to the family of God. We are not slaves – ones that have to live in fear of being cast out by the whim of someone or something. We are sons and daughters, and the Spirit that lives in us confirms that in our own spirits. Being children of God, we are co-heirs with Christ of everything that God’s promises to give to those who belong to his family and his kingdom. The key is perseverance – staying the course and remaining faithful to our identity and loyal to the kingdom, even when it means we suffer.
So many things can cause us to doubt who we are in Christ. The evil one uses the mistakes we’ve made in the past, the places we continue to get it wrong even while we’re being shaped into Christ’s image now, our addictions, stress, complacency, our hit-or-miss attention to our spiritual lives, the chaos in the church and the world – all of those things and a host of others can be tools he uses to make us wonder if we really are children of God. And then even if we do embrace who we are, Satan often tries to push us to arrogance about that by trying to make us a bunch of judgmental people. It is so important to nurture a healthy awareness of what Jesus has delivered us from, and who Jesus has redeemed us to be. The Spirit of Jesus alive in us testifies to who we are, and who we are not. Our primary task is to remain firmly in touch with that Spirit.
MONDAY, May 8, Romans 14; Ps. 83
TUESDAY, May 9, Romans 15; Ps. 84
WEDNESDAY, May 10, Romans 16; Ps. 85
THURSDAY, May 11, Eph. 1; Ps. 86
FRIDAY, May 12, Eph. 2; Ps. 87
SATURDAY, May 13, Eph. 3; Ps. 88
SUNDAY, May 14, Eph. 4; Ps. 89;1-18
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