Congregational Care


Saturday 6 p.m., Downtown 7 p.m., God's Country* Sunday 8:20 a.m., Downtown 9:45 a.m., Crossfire* 11:15 a.m., Downtown* * ALSO ONLINE


The area of CONGREGATIONAL CARE encompasses people of all ages in our church. In our church, we have many opportunities to both receive and give care! Listed here are some of the areas where various ministry teams and individuals are able to “care well” for the needs and people of our church. Contact David Janz on the form below if you have questions about any of these areas or if you are interested in serving in some capacity.

  • COLLEGE MINISTRY - This team care for our college students and keeps them connected with the church while they are in school (and sometimes far from home). Regular communications, care packages, and seasonal “at home” events are ways to help maintain that important contact, and to express our love and care, while our young adults are receiving their education. In addition, we are offering a “Secret Pal” program this year where members of the congregation can “adopt” a college student and send cards and small mementos throughout the school year.
  • COMMUNION STEWARDS – are people who take the communion bread and juice that has been “blessed” in our worship service, and “extends the communion table” by taking it to our shut-ins in order that these persons are not excluded from the Sacrament of Communion because of ill health.
  • COUNSELING – is available to persons in the church family who are experiencing difficulty in their lives, and we evaluate the particular needs of the person wishing to receive counseling from us. Please contact us if you find yourself in need of counseling services and we’ll evaluate how we can help you the most effectively. There are also several professional counseling agencies in our community, and we recommend them to you as well. Please call the church office for referral information.
  • FRIENDS IN FINANCES is a confidential “in-house” ministry designed to help persons manage financial questions and difficulties in a Biblical way. Financial assistance is offered in the way of counseling, budgeting, understanding tithing and stewardship, and simple bookkeeping practices (including balancing a checkbook), and creating a savings plan are all components of the Friends in Finances ministry team. Please contact the church office for more information.
  • GRIEF MINISTRIES – Grief Ministries is a practical, hands-on and caring way for us to connect with in our church family at the moments of their deepest need. In addition to prayers and sending cards, the grief ministries team provides a variety of free practical resources for personal use when someone is grieving the passing of a loved one. The “Care Notes” display racks near the welcome centers of both the Downtown and Crossfire campuses are filled with a variety of grief resources to assist persons in receiving comfort and hope as they move through a difficult time in life. Devotional books, phone calls, periodic cards, and anniversary remembrances are part of this important ministry
  • INTERCESSORY PRAYER – we realize the value and importance of praying with each other. If you have a need or joy to share that we can be in prayer about with you, please let us know. We receive prayer requests through our church “connection card” on the worship bulletin, through our “prayer portal” on our church website, and by phone or email.
  • PRAYER SHAWLS MINISTRY – are a tangible reminder of the warmth of God’s love and grace, and the prayers of the people who are knitting and crocheting these shawls. The shawls are given to people who are in the hospital, a shut-in or someone going through a really difficult time. To participate in the ministry of making these shawls and praying for those who will receive them, contact the church office.
  • BAPTISM SHAWLS – are an extension of our prayer shawl ministry and are white shawls given to a baby or young child when they receive the Sacrament of Baptism. The shawl is “doubly-blessed,” because not only are the people blessed who receive the baptism shawl; but the people who have created the shawl and prayed for the child and family receive a special blessing as well.
  • REPAIR MINISTRY – this team of “handymen” are available to help with minor home repairs (installing screens, changing light bulbs, etc.) for those persons who do not have the financial resources or ability to do the repairs on their own. To request the service of the repair ministry, contact the church office. There is no charge for this service, the work is done by volunteers, and the cost of materials is assumed by the person requesting the repairs.
  • VISITATION TEAMS – are people who visit in our local hospital, at our nursing homes, and with our members who are shut in and have difficulty getting to worship services.