John's Gospel, Wisdom from Ephesus - Begins April 15


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June 03, 2020

6:30 PM


Michael Card wants you to use your imagination. You may know Card as a singer and songwriter, but he is also an astute student of the Bible who wants to help you understand in a fresh way what the apostle John wrote about in the gospel that bears his name.

To help us use our imagination, Card journeyed to Ephesus, the city where John lived much of his adult life and the city from which he wrote the book of John.

The crew of the Day of Discovery television program filmed Michael in various locations in both Ephesus and Jerusalem- places that help us relate to and more fully understand what John was writing about.

Temples. Libraries. Homes. City centers. They all help us get a better picture of the people John pastored in Ephesus and the atmosphere out of which he penned his "unique gospel," as Card likes to call it.

As you and your friends view this video, you will be introduced to a new and valuable way of studying the fourth gospel of Jesus Christ. You'll begin to grasp in fresh terms the wisdom that Ephesus that permeates this vital book of the Bible.

Reintroduce yourself to the "beloved disciple" and the book he wrote from the city of Ephesus. Join Michael to study and discuss John's Gospel: Wisdom from Ephesus.

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