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Aug. 30, 2020

I want to wrap this series up looking at this image from Ezekiel – the way deep water flowing from God’s presence creates abundant life, even in places it’s never been before. What we’ve looked at in this summer series – stepping deep with Jesus by allowing God to prune us and engaging in the practices that allowed God to grow the first church wide because the first church went deep – all of that brings amazing personal benefit for us. But there’s a bigger, broader, WIDER purpose for stepping deeper with Jesus: to allow God’s life to flow through us bringing life to places where there is none: places of brokenness in society, places of brokenness and despair in the church, lives that have simply been existing rather than living abundantly. The deeper our spirits are the more God has to work with to bring life to dead and dying places. Going deep with Jesus changes us for sure. Going deep with Jesus allows God to change the world THROUGH us. 

As you read the following passages, note how God used changed people to change life for others.

MONDAY (08/31):  Acts 4:1-4

TUESDAY (09/01):  Acts 5:12-16

WEDNESDAY (09/02):  Acts 6:1-7

THURSDAY (09/03):  Acts 11:19-21

To prepare for our next times in worship, read these scripture texts. Pay attention to what they say about being ready for what God is about to do.

FRIDAY (09/04):  Mark 13:32-37

SATURDAY (09/05):  Exodus 12:1-14

SUNDAY (09/06):  Romans 13:8-1