I'm Really Worried About...CHANGE


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Apr. 19, 2020


I'm Really Worried About......CHANGE

People react to change in different ways: some are energized by it; many others struggle with it. Many welcome it; others resist it. In our time change can (and does!) cause us to be anxious – be it “what will this good change mean for those important to me;” or “what will this unwanted change mean for me and everyone else?” Psalm 102 offers an important word about change for everyone: “But you (God) remain the same, and your years will never end.” (vs. 27) God does not change – God’s word, God’s faithfulness, God’s mercy, God’s purposes remain the same. Real HOPE for a changing world.

MONDAY (04/20): Matthew 6:25-34
TUESDAY (04/21): Lamentations 3:19-33
WEDNESDAY (04/22): Psalm 145
THURSDAY (04/23): 2 Peter 3:1-14

To prepare for next week's worship time, please read the following scripture passages and pay attention to God at work, even when it's hard to see it.

FRIDAY (04/24): Psalm 37:1-9
SATURDAY (04/25): Isaiah 65:17-25
SUNDAY (04/26): 1 Kings 19:9b-18