I'm Really Worried About...Our Church


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May. 03, 2020

I'm Really Worried About... OUR CHURCH

This weekend would have been the eve of the much-anticipated General Conference of the UMC, now postponed because of Covid 19. The same things could be said about the church as we said about the country: polarization, mean-spiritedness, pointing fingers, blame games. We are anxious about what it will mean to be United Methodist when the General Conference is over. Then there’s Butler First Church. We’ve sure been through a lot: the death of pastors, pastors departing, staff departing, people departing, new pastors arriving, new people arriving. What does it mean to be First Church now? What will it look like to be First Church when the General Conference is over? What will it look like when new pastors and staff arrive in a month or two? It’s really the question that God through the prophet Haggai asked the people returning to Jerusalem seeing the Temple in rubble: “Some of you remember what this used to look like. Question is, how do you see it now?” And then the word of hope for God’s people then…and now: “my Spirit remains among you. Do not fear.” God is not finished with us yet – hallelujah!

As you read the following scripture passages, pay attention to the importance of what we SEE when we look at something.

MONDAY (05/04): Genesis 1

TUESDAY (05/05): Nehemiah 2:11-18

WEDNESDAY (05/06): Luke 19:1-10

THURSDAY (05/07): Acts 3:1-10

To prepare for our next worship time, read the following texts and note words of comfort and peace.

FRIDAY (05/08): Isaiah 25:6-9

SATURDAY (05/09): John 14:1-7, 23-27

SUNDAY (05/10): Mark 5:21-34