I'm Really Worried About...Our Country


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Apr. 24, 2020

I'm Really Worried About...Our Country!

Originally I planned this message this weekend because it was the eve of the Pennsylvania primary election and many of us are worried about the present circumstances and the future of our country. Who will lead us? “It can’t be him/her!” “We won’t survive four more years with him!” The polarization, the mean-spiritedness, the pointing fingers, the blame game leaders are playing all add to our anxiousness about where our country seems to be headed. COVID 19 has only made matters worse. At times we may feel like Elijah did: “The Israelites have rejected your covenant, torn down your altars, and put your prophets to death with the sword. I am the only one left…” At a moment in his life when Elijah felt about his country what we might be feeling about ours, God reminds him he is NOT alone; there’s still 7000 that remain true to God and his plan for Israel. God is working in Elijah’s country, even when he can’t see it. An important word for us and our country too.

As you read the following scripture passages, pay attention to God as "waymaker" - working in ways and places beyond what we can see.

MONDAY (04/27): Exodus 14:5-31
TUESDAY (04/28): Exodus 16:1-31
WEDNESDAY (04/29): John 2:1-11
THURSDAY (04/30): Matthew 15:29-39

To prepare for worship next Sunday read the following texts. As you read, see what they say about the difference between what things look like, and how things are seen.

FRIDAY (05/01): Matthew 17:14-20
SATURDAY (05/02): Luke 9:46-50
SUNDAY (05/03): Haggai 2:1-5