Standing Strong: Connect to the Jesus Story


Due to COVID-19, we will Live Stream every Sunday at 9:45 a.m.

Jul. 19, 2020

SUNDAY (7/19): Mark 1,2

The first characteristic of life in the post Pentecost church was devotion to the “Apostles teaching.” What did that include? It would have been the Old Testament scriptures – the “Bible” of that time – interpreted through the lens of what the apostles had experienced in their connection to Jesus. The story of Jesus was now the way they engaged the world around them, including their own faith history and sacred texts. The Jesus story formed how they approached life in relationship to other believers and those that did not yet believe. It formed how they interacted with government officials and religious authorities. It formed how they lived alongside the pagan cults and Greco-Roman systems of gods and their temples. It formed what they believed about death and what happens after one has died. The work of pruning is God bringing us back to the fundamental thing that defines us as Christ followers – the story of Jesus: what he said, how he lived, what he identified as priorities, what his death and resurrection means for each of us day by day. When Paul wrote to this little, out of the way place called Colossae, he penned some of the clearest and most profound words about the centrality of the Jesus story: Jesus is the image of the invisible God; in Jesus dwells all of the fullness of God. If we want life to be what God intends for it to be, the story of Jesus must be the foundation for every life that claims to follow him. Digging deep so we can stand strong means constant interaction with the story of Jesus in life-defining ways.

To connect with the Jesus story, let’s read it!!!!! The following plan will take us through Mark’s Gospel in seven days.

MONDAY (7/20): Mark 3,4,5

TUESDAY (7/21): Mark 6,7

WEDNESDAY (7/22): Mark 8,9

THURSDAY (7/23): Mark 10,11,12

FRIDAY (7/24): Mark 13,14,15

SATURDAY (7/25): Mark 16 ( AND to prepare for worship, Romans 12:3-16)