Standing Strong: Deep then...


Due to COVID-19, we will livestream every Sunday at 9:45 a.m.

Jun. 21, 2020

Jesus is walking along the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Crowds are following him and pressing into him as he gives them the Word of God. He sees a couple of fishing boats and gets into the one belonging to Simon Peter. He asks Simon to put out a bit from shore so he can teach the people more effectively, which Simon does. When he is finished teaching, he tells Peter to take the boat into deeper water and let down the nets for a catch. Peter objects – they have been fishing all night and have caught nothing. But because it is Jesus who asks, he is willing to comply. They catch more fish than one boat, even two boats can handle. The catch in deep water opened the door to the deeper parts of Peter’s God-connection. Wonder if that was Jesus’ intent all along. “My work,” he may be saying, “is deeper than the shallows. I’ve come not just to work on the surface of who you are, but more importantly on the deep places." What if Jesus is calling First Church at this time in our life together to put out into deep water and allow him to take us deep before he takes us wide? Maybe Jesus is calling us now – amidst a broader church culture that is all about numbers and size of things – to focus on each of us walking deep with Jesus. Starting where we happen to be on our journey at the moment – from “not sure I’m in the boat,” to “ready to row a little,” to “experienced fisherman” – and taking whatever next step is needed to go deeper with Jesus. As you read the following texts, note how Jesus lives from and focuses on deeper things about life.

MONDAY (06/22): Matthew 4:1-11

TUESDAY (06/23): John 3:1-21

WEDNESDAY (06/24): John 4:1-34

THURSDAY (06/25): John 6:52-69

To prepare for our next times in worship, read the following scripture passages and note the importance of depth related to standing strong through life's storms.

FRIDAY (06/26): Psalm 91

SATURDAY (06/27): Isaiah 40:21-31

SUNDAY (06/28): Luke 6: 46-49