Standing Strong: Productive Pruning


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Jul. 12, 2020

John 15:1-8 

Branches that are in some way severed from the vine wither and die. The connection to the vine brings water and nourishment and signals about what kind of fruit the branch will produce. Pruning is only productive if the branch stays powerfully attached to the vine itself. So often we try to bear fruit on our own, i.e. out of connection with the vine itself. We convince ourselves that we have the power and insight and energy to take care of things in life on our own. And maybe we have some measure of success for a while. But after things get more and more complicated and spread out and added to, fatigue gets real and we find life to be drudgery and our energy to be spent. We end up simply going through the motions. See, when we are handling things on our own, we tend to say yes to more things than we can manage because we aren’t asking, “should I” do this; we tell ourselves, “sure I can!” because we don’t want to think of us as unable to do something.  It’s connection to Jesus – the vine – that focuses us on whether we SHOULD do something beyond whether or not we COULD do something. 

As you read the following scripture passages, pay attention to the importance of “connection.”

MONDAY (07/13): Colossians 2:16-23
TUESDAY (07/14): Romans 1:18-32
WEDNESDAY (07/15): Romans 8:5-17
THURSDAY (07/16): Romans 6:1-14

To prepare for our next times of worship, read the following texts and note the importance of the Jesus “story” in the early church, and in the ministry of Paul.

FRIDAY (07/17): Acts 2:42-47
SATURDAY (07/18): Acts 3
SUNDAY (07/19): Colossians 1:15-20

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