Standing Strong: Serving Generously


Due to COVID-19, we will livestream every Sunday at 9:45 a.m.

Aug. 16, 2020


“Generous Service” was a characteristic of the post Pentecost church. They liquidated resources as they were able and as needs within the community became apparent. The text from Acts 4 is one example of the way the early church handled “needs” within the community. John Piper says, “Don’t work to earn to have. Work to earn to have to give and to invest in Christ-exalting ventures.” Generous service was not just about money and possessions: it was about “sharing everything they had.” (4:32c) It was/is not a political or economic statement. It was/is not meant to be a new system for society in competition with other cultural and community structures and systems. It was simply how the group of people whose lives were defined by commitment to Jesus as Lord lived in relationship to each other. It was about serving: thinking about and working for the benefit of others, because that’s what Jesus revealed as truth through his own living. Being generous with resources available to us – using them to serve the needs of others – are practices that connect us deeper to Jesus. We stand stronger and stronger as we serve more and more generously because we are connected deeper and deeper with the example and heart of Jesus.