Many people believe that only pastors and specially “called” people can serve in the church. The truth is that God has given ALL OF US spiritual gifts to serve Him and His people. You have something significant to offer to God and others. At First Church, we can help you find what that is. Please contact Lisa Gill, Director of Serving in the form below if you have any further questions or to schedule a meeting to get involved in serving. We hope and pray that as you serve, you will experience God and see Him at work in your life and in the lives of others.

When you click on the How Can I Serve button below, you will be directed to our Gift Based Serving Guide. This booklet explains all of the ministries within the church and the spiritual gifts needed.

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What are Spiritual Gifts?

Spiritual gifts are different from natural talents and abilities. Instead, it is a special ability given by the Holy Spirit to every believer when they accept Christ. They ignite, inspire and empower us to do God’s will to minister to others and build up the Body of Christ. Spiritual gifts are not for super-Christians: every Christian has at least one. The more you discover how to serve through your gifts, the more fruitful and fulfilling your service will be. 

What are my Spiritual Gifts? 
They are all given by the same Spirit which means that your gift is equally as important as the gifts of anyone else. All of us, in the body of Christ, and all of our gifts are needed to build the church. To discover your spiritual gifts, you could attend an upcoming Spiritual Gifts class or contact Lisa Gill for more information.


The goal of the First Church Missions Team is "Reaching out to everyone about our Lord through mission work with love, teaching and hands-on work. Supporting all ages, race, genders and nationalities so that everyone can come to Jesus, as well as grow God's Kingdom by becoming fully devoted followers of Christ."

Ways you can serve in missions at First Church:

  • Be on the missions team.

  • Serve with one of our local missions: Fishbone Ministries, The Lighthouse Foundation, 8th Avenue Place and Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community.

  • Go on a mission trip.

  • Give to the missions general fund, designate funds specifically for a mission partner of your choice or support a mission trip.



In our church, we have many opportunities to both receive and give care! Listed are some of the areas where various ministry teams and individuals are able to “care well” for the needs and people of our church. 



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