Wellspring Payment


Payment Information:

  • Butler First United Methodist Church (BFUMC) affiliated individuals receive a discounted cost as compared to non-BFUMC participants whether attending a BFUMC-sponsored event or one conducted by the Wellspring Group (WG).  The total actual cost to BFUMC for the full program is $825 + $725 = $1550.  We have subsidized the program fees reducing the cost for the full program for participants to $450 + $350 = $800.  The full program consists of two events and modules, which are registered for separately over the course of 6-8 months from the initial registration.
  • $450 - Battle for the Heart Intensive (4 days/3 nights) & Module 1 Team Equipping (16 weeks)
  • $350 – Battle for your Domain Intensive (3 days/2 nights) & Module 2 Team Equipping (16 weeks)
  • After you submit your application a BFUMC Wellspring team member will reply within a week to let you know the status of your application.  If you are accepted, you will be provided with a weblink to register and pay for the event. You will receive a confirmation notice by email once your deposit or full payment has been received.
  • The cost for alumni and assistant facilitators is $350.  For retreat lead facilitators the recommended donation is $50

Note: Please be sure to choose Wellspring as the fund on the payment page.