After the hectic months of November and December, January is often a more reflective month. The focus sometimes turns to self-improvement as we make resolutions about things we’d like to change in the New Year - lose weight, more exercise, better time management, more attention to reading the Bible, to name just a few. We tend to start well - then the goals often get compromised by month’s end. Why? Could it be the primary goal that needs attention is something deeper? Could it be that the goals we focus on when the New Year rolls around are surface level changes, when the one that really needs some work is reconnecting with and living out of our identity as children of God? Knowing who we are in relationship to God clarifies what the other goals of our life should be. Knowing who we are connected to God is best discovered by allowing Scripture to reveal who God really is. 1 John gives us four wonderful pictures of God that will help us see more clearly and confidently who we are as God’s children.