Because of Jesus...Storytellers


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Feb. 07, 2021


Your past is not fatal, your present has power, and your future has hope, because of Jesus Christ. His story radically alters ours, if we’ll let it. But his story changing ours isn’t just for our stories to be different. It’s so that our different stories can be used by God first as examples of what Jesus can do with a story that’s surrendered to him, and then as invitations for others to surrender their story to him as well. Our changed lives have purpose: for us to see what God intends life to be, and to help others to see that too. The news of the change Jesus brings to our lives is to be shared – not kept to ourselves. As you read the following passages, pay attention to what they say about our stories being Illustrations and Invitations.

SUNDAY (02/08): Acts 9:1-22

MONDAY (02/09): Luke 19:1-10

TUESDAY (02/10): Colossians 3:1-17

WEDNESDAY (02/11): Romans 12

In preparation for our next time in together, read these passages tracking Peter’s transformation from being with Jesus.

THURSDAY (2/11): Luke 5:1-11

FRIDAY (2/12): John 18:15-27; 21:15-19

SATURDAY (2/13): Acts 2:14-40