Buried Treasure


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Nov. 14, 2020

Scripture continues to remind us when we are blessed by God to use our blessing for God.  It can become easy to accept the Lord’s gifts and become complacent.  But, in that complacency we are in danger of rejecting our citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven.  We are charged by God to use our gifts to love Him, love others, and make more followers of Jesus. Read the following passages of scripture this week slowly and meditate on any complacency you may have in your life.

MONDAY (11/16): James 1

TUESDAY (11/17): 1 Peter 5:1-11

WEDNESDAY (11/18): 1 Corinthians 9:24 - 10:13

THURSDAY (11/19): Revelation 3: 1-22

As we prepare for our next times of worship, consider what the letter to the Ephesians says about Jesus’ position as King and our role as citizens in the Kingdom. 

FRIDAY (11/20): Ephesians 1-2

SATURDAY (11/21): Ephesians 3-4

SUNDAY (11/22): Ephesians 5-6