Choosing Hope...


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Nov. 07, 2020

What would you identify as the source of hope in your life? Government? Career? Motivational speaker and message? Where our hope comes from is the framework for attitude formation and how we make decisions in our lives. Whatever gives us hope determines how we engage day to day living.

Scripture says hope that never fails is found in the faithfulness of the One who is Lord over all of history: past, present, and yet to come. When our hope is in God, help is always available. As you read the following passages, note where “help” comes from: 

MONDAY (11/9): Psalm 121

TUESDAY (11/10): Psalm 28

WEDNESDAY (11/11): Isaiah 41:1-14

THURSDAY (11/12): Hebrews 13:1-8

As we prepare for our next times of worship, note what the following scripture texts say about complacency.

FRIDAY (11/13): Luke 12:16-21

SATURDAY (11/14): Zephaniah 1:1, 12-18

SUNDAY (11/15): Matthew 25:14-30