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Dec. 17, 2022

In Jesus, God has provided an end to the hostility between Jews and Gentiles. He has made the way for peace between them. Rather than finding identity in the Law of Moses, or in some pagan practice, God has provided access to himself for all in Jesus Christ. When we come to Christ, we find the opportunity for hostility to end, whatever hostility might look like in our lives, because Jesus connects us to the One who ultimately provides love and purpose and meaning. We find peace and rest when we find Jesus, because he connects us to the One who made us. Advent reminds us that when we come home to Jesus, we come home to peace, because we come home to the Father. 

MONDAY, December 19:  Rev. 17; Prov. 26

TUESDAY, December 20:  Rev. 18; Prov. 27

WEDNESDAY, December 21:  Rev. 19; Prov. 28

THURSDAY, December 22:  Rev. 20; Prov. 29

FRIDAY, December 23:  Rev. 21; Prov. 30

SATURDAY, December 24:  Rev. 22; Prov. 31 

SUNDAY, December 25:  Merry Christmas!