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Jun. 12, 2021

“As we read through the major Prophets over the summer, we will encounter words and images that may be unfamiliar or difficult to understand. A good study Bible is helpful in bringing clarity to those places of confusion. Pastor David recommends the NIV Study Bible or the Life Application Study Bible, which is available in multiple translations. If you are reading scripture electronically, Pastor David recommends a subscription to That subscription provides access to multiple study Bibles and resources.” 

Our readings for the week ahead are:

MONDAY, June 14    Isaiah 31-33

TUESDAY, June 15    Isaiah 34-36

WEDNESDAY, June 16    Isaiah 37-38

THURSDAY, June 17    Isaiah 39-40

FRIDAY, June 18    Isaiah 41-42

SATURDAY, June 19    Isaiah 43-44

SUNDAY, June 20     Isaiah 45-47