It Doesn't Make Sense...Being Kingdom Ambassadors


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Dec. 19, 2020


We can tell by David’s reflection to God’s response of building a temple that he is utterly grateful and humbled to be made into a royal house. Unlike Saul, who abused his power, David humbly submits to God and does the work he is called to do for the people of Israel. Christ came into this world through the line of David and then extended citizenship in the royal family to all those who join the family; thus, we are now royal ambassadors in the spirit of the Davidic covenant. As we trust in God like David and do not use our citizenship in the kingdom of God for earthly power, the Holy Spirit empowers and mobilizes us to transform the world.  

Read the following scripture passages this week in preparation for Christmas and consider the significance of being adopted into the royal family of God!

MONDAY (12:21): Psalm 89 

TUESDAY (12/22): Psalm 96

WEDNESDAY (12:23): Luke 1:67-79

THURSDAY (12/24): Luke 1:46-55

As we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus and the promise of His return, read the following scriptures.

FRIDAY (12/25): Luke 2:1-21

SATURDAY (12/26): Luke 2:41-52

SUNDAY (12/27): John 1:1-14