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Jan. 21, 2023

This is the parable of the ten lepers, unique to Luke’s gospel. It suggests that for Luke, a key dimension of experiencing the fullness of what Jesus is here to offer is gratitude. The word faith in verse 19 is “pistis” – and one definition of that word is action that flows from trust. So here the Samaritan is being praised by Jesus because he trusted in what Jesus said and acted on it by presenting himself to the priests to be healed. But the declaration of being made well (sozo) – whole and healed – comes only because he recognized the gift he received, and returned to give thanks
The readings for the week ahead are:
MONDAY, January 23:  Luke 23
TUESDAY, January 24:  Luke 24
WEDNESDAY, January 25:  Acts 1; Ps. 9
THURSDAY, January 26:  Acts 2
FRIDAY, January 27:   Acts 3; Ps. 10
SATURDAY, January 28:  Acts 4; Ps. 11
SUNDAY, January 29:  Acts 5