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Apr. 29, 2023

Paul is talking about the wrath of God being poured out on godless and wicked people in his time. The reason he gives is because they have refused to acknowledge the reality of God himself. God is readily known in the world around us, Paul says. His power and nature are clearly seen in what he has made, yet many have chosen to ignore this reality and instead have crafted gods for themselves out of things that God himself has made. In response to this, God has allowed them to experience the consequences of the choice they have made to fundamentally reject him as the Creator and Sovereign of all.
So the circumstances we are dealing with today in the areas of human sexuality, according to this text, are actually the consequences of humankind's decision to reject God as Sovereign. Sexual immorality and the depravity of the human mind that has led to the collapse of character that Paul outlines in verses 26-31 are all the consequences of humanity's refusal to acknowledge what creation clearly proclaims about God as Sovereign. The fundamental sin is rejection of God's Sovereignty; the other sins listed in Romans 1 – which include the sexual immorality ones – are all consequential flowing from the fundamental one. In my own life it's all about who calls the shots. Will God be in charge? Will Jesus be Lord over everything? Or will I make an idol of something else?
Our Banding Together Journal readings for the week ahead:
MONDAY, May 1, Romans 7; Ps. 78:1-20
TUESDAY, May 2, Romans 8; Ps. 78:21-55
WEDNESDAY, May 3, Romans 9; Ps. 78:56-72
THURSDAY, May 4, Romans 10; Ps. 79
FRIDAY, May 5, Romans 11; Ps. 80
SATURDAY, May 6, Romans 12; Ps. 81
SUNDAY, May 7, Romans 13; Ps. 82