Watch Not When


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Dec. 04, 2021

This passage is the conclusion of things Jesus has said about the “end of the age” in Mark 13. So many people want to know WHEN the moment of Jesus’ return will be. Prediction after prediction have come and gone and we’re all still here. Jesus is clear: the only one who knows the WHEN is the one in charge of time. The focus the Timegiver wants us to have is watching: anticipating, expecting, trusting that when the time is right, Jesus will return. We are to live in confident hope and expectant joy that it will happen, and could happen during our next breath. That reality, Jesus says, should be what governs our living. It should be a constant reminder to focus our living on the things the Time Giver calls important.


Our readings for the week ahead are:

MONDAY, December 6    Revelations 4; Proverbs 13

TUESDAY, December 7    Revelations 5; Proverbs 14

WEDNESDAY, December 8    Revelations 6; Proverbs 15

THURSDAY, December 9    Revelations 7; Proverbs 16

FRIDAY, December 10    Revelations 8; Proverbs 17

SATURDAY, December 11    Revelations 9; Proverbs 18

SUNDAY, December 12    Revelations 10; Proverbs 19