We Get To Be This


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Jul. 16, 2022

Today’s scripture: Acts 17:22-28 

As Christians, we get to be the Church, the hands and feet of Jesus. God does not need to use us, yet desires and chooses to use us for the purposes of his Kingdom. The great news is that God does not expect us to perform spiritual transactions so that we are considered “good enough” in his eyes. God wants us to know him first and foremost, and to be transformed by the Holy Spirit to be sent to serve his Kingdom mission. What better news is that?

MONDAY, July 18:  Proverbs 26

TUESDAY, July 19:  Proverbs 27

WEDNESDAY, July 20:  Proverbs 28

THURSDAY, July 21:  Proverbs 29

FRIDAY, July 22:  Proverbs 30

SATURDAY, July 23:  Proverbs 31

SUNDAY, July 24:  Ecc 1-3