Here’s who we are as a church:


Our Mission:

Connect people to Jesus and help them grow to be like him.


Our Method:

To center on five things that will help us accomplish the mission:

  • Dynamic Worship: worship that that settles for nothing less than encounter with God – not ritual, not performance – real awareness of the holy in our midst.
  • Life in Groups: doing life together in smaller groups where relationships can happen and grow really deep
  • Passionate Personal Discipleship: a passionate personal connection to Jesus – living moment by moment connected to Jesus – aware of him, nurtured by him, dependent on him, trusting in him, guided by him.
  • Christian Fellowship: finding authentic community in fellowship in connection with sisters and brothers on the journey with us in the church – the family of faith.
  • Serving People Like Jesus Did: the deeper the connection with Jesus grows, the more you realize the need to give yourself away – to serve – the way he served with his life.


Our Values:

(critically important/things that shape our life together)

  • Jesus is Lord: he’s changed everything, so it’s all about him.
  • Biblical Integrity: grace-filled faithfulness to scripture
  • Radical Hospitality: welcoming the stranger and loving our neighbor
  • Sacrificial Generosity: blessing others as we have been abundantly blessed